Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thought this was quite cool.

I know I'm a bit strange.......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Proton Exora 5000km service. More problems but great service!

Just sent the Exora in for its 5000km service. What exactly does 5000km service mean. Does it mean service the car AT 5000km or does it mean service the car AFTER 5000km from your last service? Logically shouldn't it be 5000km AFTER the last service?

Anyway, I waited for 5000km after the last service and due to the extended Christmas and New Year Holidays and a trip down south to JB and Singapore, by the time the Exora was booked in to the main service center it had hit 6700km. The Service Advisor didn't say anything about it so I supposed it wasn't that critical. More on this later.

Firstly I would like to say that the SA this time was efficient, helpful and very friendly. Thumbs up to En. Azri.

Faults to report:
- High pitch whine (no, not the whining of those non-Exora owners that keep asking, CAN GO UP GENTING AH?) whenever the engine reaches 3500 rpm. I told the SA that I suspected that part of the exhaust heat shield might be loose and vibrating.
- Water entering the passenger side main headlight. Actually this only happened once after washing the car but since it was still under warranty I reported this fault to them.
- Slight crack on the front passenger side door handle.
- Something loose in the indicator signal stalk.
- Some squeaking noise coming from the front passenger seat.
- To replace the rusty brake drums as reported at the last service.

Left the Exora there for the whole day and returned to pick it up at 6pm.
- High pitch whine fixed. (As for the whining of non-Exora owners who ask CAN GO UP GENTING AH? please check this out:
- One brake drum replaced. (Apparently they only ordered ONE instead of one SET.)
- All the other items on order..... which brings me to my next point.

While the SA, En. Azri was fantastic, the spare parts department is something else.... Proton spare parts department is terrible. They are supposed to call you when your parts arrive BUT..... never do. When I try to call them, no one picks up the phone.

Also the mechanics that work on your car keep leaving greasy hand prints on the interior.

So after everything was done, the Exora feels much smoother and the annoying whining is gone (hopefully also from the CAN GO UP GENTING AH? camp.)

While driving back I noticed that there was a sticker on the windscreen saying next service 10000km. I am still wondering if it means servicing the car AT 10000km or after another 5000km. If I went back at 10000km it would mean that the Exora would have only traveled 3000km + since its last service.....

Would I still recommend buying an Exora? Most definitely. Most space for the money (which is what you want from an MPV). Superior handling and comfort (many passengers have complemented the ride quality if compared with the Toyota Avanza or other similar MPV's).

The DEFINITIVE answer to the "SO HOW AH, EXORA CAN GO UP GENTING AH?" question.


Personally, I still don't know lah. I know the Exora can go to JB and also Singapore but Genting? Not yet.

But maybe this will help:

or from Paul Tan:

For those that are still skeptical, there may be a possibility that Proton hired a few trailers to tow hundreds of Exora's up to Genting but then the question would have to have been, "SO HOW? A TRAILER FULL OF PROTON EXORA'S CAN GO UP GENTING AH?".

Next time you go up Genting and see an Exora there perhaps you can ask them how much it cost to tow their Exora up Genting...... AHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH.......