Sunday, February 7, 2010

Toyota 1JZGTE- Shell 97, V-Power and Petronas 97

Have been filling up with Shell 97 and V-Power since transplanting the 1JZ into my car. The fuel economy is pretty horrendous at 350km for every 50 liters. Others have reported some increase in mileage from V-Power so in the interest of 'science' I decided to run the car on a few tanks of V-Power.

Those scientifically and statistically inclined among you might bemoan the fact that this isn't a controlled experiment, too many variables, blah, blah, blah.... but this is the best that I got.

Based on the price of 97 @ RM2.05 and V-Power @ RM2.38, I would have to hit around 400km per 50 liters to 'breakeven'. So...... can't say I noticed noticeable (or statistically significant) reduction in fuel consumption much less to approach the breakeven point of 400km per 50 liters.

How about power you say?

Errr..... based on my butt dyno..... can't say that I noticed any increase in power either.

So what do I do next? Fill up with Petronas 97. More to stop the bleeding of RM119 every time I fill up but also to try out another brand of petrol.

WOW!!! As with my Exora, the engine feels much smoother. (No, I don't work with Petronas.)

It really does and my logical side of me struggles to find a reason why this is so. Am currently calculating the mileage or should I say kmleage to see if there's any difference in fuel consumption but the results may be a bit skewed for this tank of Petronas 97 due to a 'spirited' drive along KESAS last night.

Based on the initial response, I'll continue to fill up with Petronas 97. Will try and control the right foot and see what sort of kmleage I can get.

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