Sunday, March 21, 2010

Replacement Battery ah? No need lah.... just buy a new phone!

That's what I was told by the salesgirl when I went looking for a replacement battery for this...

I needed a second phone and it so happened that my sister had a Nokia 8800 lying around.

After using it for a few days, I must say its quite a nice phone and it did cost around RM3k new. The phone has a nice and solid feel to it with the brushed stainless steel cover and the slider is just awesome with a ball bearing mechanism and a smooth action and a nice metallic click to it when opening or closing.

It is also a decent phone albeit with a small screen (by todays standards) and perhaps less functionality. The only fault with it was the battery which as expected does not last very long after heavy usage. So went looking for a replacement battery, a BL-5X.

Went to MidValley and the official Nokia store did not have one. Went to 1 Utama and met the salesgirl who told me, "Replacement Battery ah? No need lah.... just buy a new phone!", at the official Nokia store. She said that the battery cost was very high and suggested that I just buy a new phone. Throw away a RM3k when new, top of the line, Nokia for an entry level Nokia just for the sake of a new battery???!!!

Finally went to a 'Hello' Station shop near Jusco and they HAD one battery but sold it the day before. What is this man? Suddenly all of the Nokia 8800 (and there can't be that many of them) users are looking for batteries? Anyway at least the salesman there was understanding and offered to order one for me. So.... will be waiting for his call..... hopefully.

Maybe its a conspiracy by Nokia to stop producing replacement batteries so that their sales people can tell people, "Replacement Battery ah? No need lah.... just buy a new phone!".

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