Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update on Proton i-Care my A**

Just an update on my earlier rant about Proton here:

Just when you thought there was no more hope and that your Proton will never be serviced and you have to drive it until the engine seizes and then go out and buy a Perodua Alza.....

I managed to finally get through to the i-Care line and managed to speak to Liza. More on her later...

How can one company be so bad and yet so good at the same time?

First it was the inability to get through to any of the lines to schedule a service. Then it was the absolute total inability to get through to the parts department to check if the parts ordered under warranty are here (I still don't understand why I need to call them and why they can't call me instead). Then it was the parts that were ordered for my car but was used by another car.


Ms. Liza was absolutely fantastic. When I finally got though to the i-Care line, she was fantastic. Patiently listening to my situation and offering to sort everything out for me including scheduling the service, checking the parts AND returning my call after she had arranged everything. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!

If you're her boss please give her a promotion... (or maybe not, then there would be no one to pick up the phone!!!)

Then there's the service advisor, En. Azri. Really nice to deal with him as he's very professional and pleasant to talk to. Got most of the things sorted out and even managed to ensure that there were no greasy handprints left on the car after the service. Thumbs up to En. Azri as well.

If you're his boss, please give him a promotion as well...... (or mayb not, then there would be no one to service the car!!!)

Anyway, after the initial frustrations, Ms. Liza and En. Azri more than made up for the aggravation. Nice to know that there are still some people who still care about doing their jobs well. Cheers...

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