Saturday, August 21, 2010

1JZ Water Pump

The 1JZ has been pretty reliable if compared with my old M50B20.... BUT.....

Recently there was a problem with the 1JZ's water pump. My water pump recently started to have a slow leak which required me to top up the water every so often. When the car went in for some work to the suspension I decided to get the water pump changed as well.

If you check around the 1JZ water pump is one of the things which is often discussed. Why?

Because its so EXPENSIVE!!!!!

This is what the world's most expensive water pump looks like.... (World's most expensive to me at least...)

Before you start panicking and start to sell your organs to pay for a new water pump, the good news is that some 1JZ's have the cheaper water pump.

There are two main variations to the 1JZ water pump and it depends on what type of fan your 1JZ has. Some come with a viscous clutch type fan, some have an electric fan and finally some, like mine, have a hydraulic fan. I personally like the hydraulic fan as I find it quiet and powerful.

If your 1JZ has a hydraulic fan then you had better start choosing which organ you would like to sell in case your water pump fails....

The reason it is so expensive is that the water pump also contains the hyrdraulic pump that runs the hydraulic fan and hence the frankly enormous size of the water pump as can be seen in the picture above. The hydraulic pump also comes with an electronic actuator to control the speed of the hydraulic fan.

A new hydraulic water pump (???) would set you back around RM2k. A used water pump can be found for around a 1/4 of the price.

I felt that the water pump is a critical component so I decided to sell an organ and get a new one installed.

So far so good.....

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  1. hi, where do you get the new water pump?
    i'm looking for it coz mine is leaking.