Friday, August 28, 2009

Proton GPS aka Lokatoo aka MyNavi running Garmin Mobile XT (GMXT) +

The Proton Exora came together with a free GPS.
Map Screen:

After using it once, I didn't think it was that great. The maps were not all that detailed and the driving directions were not that accurate. An example was when the GPS wanted me to drive another 2 km to make a U-turn when there was a roundabout just 100m in front of me.

So..... went on an exhaustive search on the net to find a solution.

Found out that the Proton GPS aka Lokatoo was formerly sold under the MyNavi brand. Not sure what GPS software it runs but the maps are provided by TM. All this sounds good so far but then you are dependent on TM to update the maps and Points of Interest (POI) which doesn't sound so good anymore.

The unit runs on Windows CE 5.0 so after some searching I found out that Garmin Mobile XT (GMXT) could also run on Windows CE. So went to LowYat and got the software installed. After looking at both and I decided to go with as the maps are free and constantly being updated.

So, after much searching and some initial issues with the installation.....

So, to all the Proton GPS owners out there, it is possible to run GMXT which is so much better and has so many, many, many more POI's.


  1. can i get the shop name,phone number and how much does it cost.. thanks

  2. ya...where the shop can install garmin at proton gps? how much? thanks!

  3. i have problem with my gps A1000i... i cannot touch screen and cannot link to pc even by using usb cable.. look like that gps have been lock from using touch screen... now, tell me how to unlock that gps touch screen. very urgent!!!.. tQ