Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Proton Exora 1000km Service

Just got the Exora serviced.

Waited until it hit the 1000km mark before calling up Proton to book a date and time for service. Wanted to carry out the servicing at the main Shah Alam service center and had expected to get a service date in the next few days but I was informed that the earliest date was in one weeks time.

One week later.... 1177km on the odometer. Next time must learn to call up earlier.

Was told to come in at 9am. So got there at 9am. The place was packed!!! Full of cars waiting to be serviced. Registered and waited for a few minutes before being attended to. Quite professional as the floor mat was covered with paper and the driver seat covered with plastic.

Had a few faults to rectify:
- a rubber piece was found in the engine bay. Gave the piece to the service advisor and asked them to check where it fell out of.
- an air cond vent on the second row was stuck and broken so asked them to replace it.
- complained about a knocking noise from the front suspension when going over bumps. The SA seemed to know what the problem was and informed me that Proton has changed the design of some parts and they will fix it for me.
- the rear drum brake covers were slightly rusty so I asked them to look into it.

Left the car with them and was told that they will call when it is completed. They also mentioned that they were closing around 5pm.

4:30pm- No call from Proton but decided to head down there to see what was going on. After some checking, was told the car was ready but the bill was not done yet so had to wait while that was being prepared.

Bill came up to RM111 for the semi-synthetic oil and oil filter. As for the problems, was not informed where the rubber piece came from. The vent was replaced. The knocking sound has been fixed. Was told that the drum brakes had to be ordered and that if they did not call me in one week, that I was to call them to check.???!!!???

Was not too happy to find numerous greasy fingerprints all over the car. Even on the steering wheel and on some of the seats. What's the point of covering the driver's seat with plastic when everywhere else is being touched by greasy fingers. Was not too happy about that. Also found the area around the oil filler cap dirty as if the oil was spilled and later wiped off. I can't believe they don't have a proper funnel to fill the oil.

Anyway, drove the car back and started to clean all of the greasy fingerprint marks from the paint and seat and also cleaned up the oil stain at the oil filler cap.

I wasn't expecting much from Proton but was disappointed that they did not take more care in making sure the car was kept clean.

Should have taken pictures to show the SA next time the car is serviced.....