Sunday, November 29, 2009


Was in Brisbane recently for a seminar. Thought I'd share some pictures of my trip over there. As the seminar was about 1 1/2 hours drive north of Brisbane I flew direct to Brisbane by MAS rather than Air Asia as Air Asia lands in Coolangata which is about an hour south of Brisbane on the Gold Coast. The weather while I was over there was thankfully quite cooling which was a welcome change from the sweltering humidity of Malaysia.

On with the pictures:

They gave me a room on the very top floor. The strange thing was the lift didn't go up all the way to the top floor. I had to get off one floor below and walk up a flight of stairs but the upside was the view...

In Malaysia we keep complaining that our signboards are blocked by tree branches, etc. Well guess what...

Check out this corridor at a shopping mall. One of the longest and narrowest I have come across. Leading to the..... toilet.

One of the MOST impressive things I saw while in Brisbane. A fan at Bunning's Warehouse. Its GIGANTIC!!!!

Some early Christmas decorations on a real tree at Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast.

Sculpture of kangaroo's on the streets of downtown Brisbane made from used car parts.

A live band playing on Sunday morning at the Queen's Street Mall. A popular shopping destination in Brisbane.

This was something quite unique. A temporary DJ was setup in an open area and started playing latin music and people were dancing the night away. Quite a sight to see.

This was a 24hr pancake house located in an old church. It made for quite a different ambiance from your usual restaurant. It must work also as the restaurant was packed full of customers.

A statue outside the courthouse.

Day and night. I think this was the government building in downtown Brisbane.


The city of Brisbane itself was quite picturesque with a river running through it and lots of bridges. It was especially pleasant around my hotel where you could walk across a bridge to Southbank which is a park and cultural area within the city. Some random shots of that area.

The bright white color thing is the middle is this.

This bridge was quite unique as the floral print was actually projected onto the bridge with projectors at night.

Highway on the river.

Visited Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Course on one of the days. It was nice and the touristy thing to do but upon recommendations from many of the locals, I took a drive up north to the Noosa Heads National Park. It was really beautiful and worth the journey. Highly recommended! Much better than Surfer's.

Some pictures of the park.

We originally followed the trail that goes along the water and thought we'd turn back at the end but once we got to the end there was another beach on the other side of the hill so we decided to walk over there to take a look.

Once there we saw another trail at the other end of the beach and kept going through the forest until we made it back to the starting point.

Quite a journey but the weather was quite pleasant. In the end we walked on trail 4, 5 and came back by 2.

I left for home the day after. Some final pictures of the International Terminal at Brisbane Airport while waiting for my flight to depart.

Thanks for looking.

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