Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lookout Point, Ampang + Sawadee88 Thai Food

Lookout Point in Ampang... a well known tourist spot in Ampang with what is undoubtedly the best view of KL. The vista opens up below you revealing the beauty of KL and its iconic KLCC Twin Towers and also the KL Tower.

What's the 'Point' of this post? Well, aside from the 'Look'... food and photography.

The view truly is fabulous and even though you have been to the 'Point' and 'Lookout' (pardon the English...) before, the view still takes your breath away.

However, the Lookout Point is famous for the view but maybe not the excellent quality of food that is served as a side dish to your meal. Are there any alternatives to the restaurants at Lookout Point?

It has also been a while since I went there and I wanted to compare the pictures taken before with my trusty Canon S95 and also recently with my new Fuji X100. Compact P&S vs Compact APS-C? We'll see...

The view truly is spectacular...

Is this the only option?

If you love the view but prefer to have your dinner somewhere else first before adjoining to the Lookout Point for the after dinner view....

Find out more after the link below:

Most people coming to the Lookout Point often end up here or some of the other restaurants there. The view while dining makes the whole experience worthwhile but food is never the reason people visit  the Lookout Point.

Aside from the restaurant in the middle of the jungle that is also a popular alternative accessible from the main road not far after you pass the Lookout Point on the other side of the hill towards Hulu Langat, there is another alternative less than 10 minutes drive away.

Just continue on the road all the way down the hill until you reach the bottom and at the traffic light in front of the mosque continue straightish towards the Kuala Klawang road. Keep going about 1-2km and you will see the signboard for this restaurant... Sawadee88.

Apparently they are quite famous in their original location at Chan Sow Lin and have just recently opened up this Main Branch in the middle of nowhere. This is the address printed on their menu.

Nice decor and ambiance with a manmade pond and also some modern attap roofs.

The food is quite decent and reasonably priced. If you like the view at Lookout Point and feel like some Thai food, this is the place to be.

On to the Lookout Point!!!

Canon S95.... quite decent actually.

Which is which? S95 or X100?

Any guesses? S95 first, followed by the X100.

Canon S95.

Fuji X100. Nice Fuji colors and Dynamic Range...

Here's a longer exposure with the X100. 3.5s f2.0 iso200. A bit too overexposed for my liking.

If you haven't been to the Lookout Point, definitely go check it out! If you're looking for a reason to visit again, have some great Thai food at Sawadee88 before heading to the Lookout Point to enjoy the view.


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