Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nonsense Photos.... with the Fujifilm X100

Nonsense Photos.... because they don't make sense or should I say non-sense.

I have been shooting with my Fujifilm X100 and I really do love this camera.

I have always had an aversion to DSLR's as they were too.... obvious. I am by no means trying to be a photographer. I just like taking pictures.... :-)

Anyway, will post my thoughts on photography and the X100 another time.

Just wanted to share some shots that I happen to like.

I have been quite inspired to shoot by this great site by Dave Powell called He just shoots everywhere he goes.

The following pictures are somewhat similar in that I just shot whatever caught my eye during my day.

Hope you like them.

All are straight out-of-camera (OOC) JPEG's. Am not a big fan of post-processing (PP). As I said I just like to take pictures and fortunately the X100 does produce some awesome JPEG's.

The backlighting on this sign gives it a nice 3D effect.
Fujifilm X100, 1/70, f2.0, ISO800.

I love the colors on this pic.
Fujifilm X100, 1/340, f2.0, ISO800.

 Fujifilm X100, 1/170, f2.0, ISO400.

Click the link below for more X100 shots:

Nice bokeh from the APS-C sized sensor.
 Fujifilm X100, 1/250, f2.8, ISO1600.

 Fujifilm X100, 1/90, f2.8, ISO800.

 Fujifilm X100, 1/110, f2.0, ISO400.

Fujifilm X100, 1/60, f2.0, ISO1600.

Fujifilm X100, 1/480, f2.0, ISO400.

 Fujifilm X100, 1/90, f2.0, ISO400.

Fujifilm X100, 1/950, f2.0, ISO200, in-camera B&W.

Fujifilm X100, 1/75, f4.0, ISO400.

 Fujifilm X100, 1/60, f2.0, ISO500.

Floating jellyfish...
Fujifilm X100, 1/25, f4.0, ISO800.

 Fujifilm X100, 1/900, f8.0, ISO200.

I love this shot with the light highlighting the person in the frame.
 Fujifilm X100, 1/160, f2.0, ISO400.

I really like this shot... Dunno why... Need to learn more about photography to understand why.
Fujifilm X100, 1/600, f8.0, ISO200.

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