Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exploring the land down under...

Exploring the land down under..... under Malaysia, that is.

Had a long break over Christmas and New Year holidays and decided to take the kids to Singapore.

Now where's the map?

Guess where we're at?

No, they're not last minute Christmas shoppers on Orchard road....

We're at the Singapore Zoo!!!




No really.... real elephants!

Gives new meaning to the term turning on a dime.

That looks exhausting.

Polar bear.

Rhinothesaurus.... err where's my spell check.

Even my 2-year old daughter knows what these are so no description required.

The reptile section.

And finally...

Now where did I put my deodorant?

Overall, the Singapore Zoo was great. It was very well designed and as 'natural' as a zoo could be. The zoo was also quite large and very natural. There was a play area for children which had a mini water park also. Didn't get any pictures of that but it was worth the trip over there.

Now, need to visit our own Zoo Negara for some comparisons.

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