Thursday, December 31, 2009

Proton Exora Problems

The Exora has passed the 6000km mark and is due for its second servicing. Aside from the question of 'Can go up Genting ah?", the next most popular question would be, 'So..... what has broken on the Exora?'.

Aaaaahhh, the question of Proton build quality. Let's see what has gone wrong in the first few months of Exora ownership.

There was an issue with a knocking sound coming from the front suspension. When the Service Advisor (SA) was informed of this he needed no further explanation. It was almost like, 'Ah..... the knocking sound. Right, any other problems?'. Apparently this was a common problem in early Exora's and was rectified at the first service.

Aside from that we also reported that the rear brake drums were rusty. I expected them to remove the wheels and spray paint the outside of the brake drums but instead the parts were out of stock and had to be ordered. Proton WAS supposed to call me about the availability a week or so after the first service but so far...... no one called. I will give them a ring before I send the car in to check on this. There is also a whining when the engine gets to around 3.5k RPM. I suspect the exhaust's heat shield is loose and vibrating at that RPM. Will get it checked at the next service also.

A plastic trim piece covering the hinge on the rear seat has come loose (its quite easy to step on it when you are seated at the back) and needs to be replaced. The passenger side door handle cover has a small crack. AND.....

This happened the other day after washing the Exora.

All in all, nothing too major but disappointing nonetheless. Would I still buy one? Of course! The handling is a revelation and the space is amazing. Hopefully nothing else breaks..... need to find some plastic wood to touch.

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