Sunday, December 20, 2009

Klang BBQ- Hing Ket Grill House

Went for dinner with my cousin and his wife in Klang. In my opinion the best crab I have EVER eaten (but then again, I don't really like crab so haven't eaten in that many places. However, I do LOVE this crab though so it MUST be pretty good.).

Anyway, the restaurant is quite far away (not like this is going to stop the food crazy Malaysians from going) but it was still full when we got there. It's located on the old road in Kg. Jawa, Klang leading to the hospital. Didn't bring my GPS so can't give you the coordinates but it might be better if not too many people find it as it was crowded enough as it is. :-)

On with the food. As the place was famous for its BBQ Crab and Lamb (which is another MUST try), we obviously ordered those two signature dishes.

Started with the 'lai liew har' or literally translated 'pissing prawns'. Very good! Must try also.

The other table ordered the 'Fook Keen Meen' or Hokkien Mee so if another table is ordering it then it must be good right? Actually, its OK. I prefer the thicker more burnt version and this was the more watery type.

And now, THE LAMB!!! Errr.... or what's left of it. Trust me, ITS VERY GOOD! MUST TRY!

While waiting for the crab.... my cousin ordered the stingray. OK lah. Can eat.

Looks nice doesn't it?

Finally what we've been waiting for. THE BBQ CRAB. Notice the absence of any sauce or other garnishing. This is simply the BEST way to eat crab. MUST MUST TRY!!!!

Aaaaahhhhh...... very satisfying. The meat was sweet with a tinge of the salty sea. Fantastic....

Thankfully the place is in the middle of nowhere which no one can find unless someone brings you there or by GPS. Its already full as it is. Luckily no one reads this blog so there shouldn't be more people going there anyway......

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