Sunday, December 13, 2009

Perodua Alza vs Proton Exora

Your Exora got enough power ah? Can go up Genting ah?

I can't tell you how many times I have been asked this same question. The only people asking are those who don't own an Exora. I haven't heard any of the owners complaining...... err maybe that's because its no use complaining AFTER buying one. But anyway, I think its fine even fully loaded with 6 adults and 4 children (albeit smaller children). NO, we didn't go up Genting but driving around town is fine.

What's up with this Genting business anyway? Is this something like a Nurburgring thingy with Malaysians? Instead of quoting a 'ring time perhaps cars in Malaysia should be sold with a label...."Genting tested and approved!!!". Even lumbering lorries can make it up Genting. The question is NOT "CAN GO UP GENTING AH?" rather it should be "How fast can you go up Genting in your Exora". Then my response would be "Faster than walking but probably slower than an EVO X." The most pointless question I have heard so far.

It's a 1.6 liter MPV with a HUGE and spacious interior. So far I haven't heard of an Exora rolling down backwards after failing to 'GO UP GENTING'. Please!!!! Just stop with Genting question already. ITS NOT A SPORTS CAR!!!!!


Which brings me to my next point. Why would you even buy an MPV? Surely its not for the 0-100 times or how fast it laps the Nurburgring. I bought one because I wanted the space and flexibility to carry 7 people when required and for this purpose, the Exora is HUGE! No, its not Alphard huge but compared with the other sub 100k MPV's or even the Stream and Wish, its HUGE!!!

Which brings me to the new Perodua Alza. Firstly I must say that I am probably bias as I bought an Exora but what's the point of the Alza? If it was cheaper than the Exora then ok, it could be positioned as a budget MPV but if you take a look at the price list, its pretty much the same price as the Exora. The base Alza is the same price as the base Exora and the top spec Alza is the same as the M-Line Exora. So what's the point?

Its not very big.

It looks like a stretched Myvi and would be a great choice for those that want a stretched Myvi but as an MPV, I can't see the point. It also has a feature which is common with the Avanza and also the Grand Livina in that the rear seats cannot be folded individually so its either both back seats up or both back seats down. How is this important? MPV's typically either carry people OR luggage and only the biggest ones can do both (if you pack less luggage). Having a split rear seat allows some form of people AND luggage carrying ability.

So, if you want an MPV, buy an Exora. If you want a bigger Myvi, buy an Alza.

Only one question remains. Can a fully laden Alza GO UP GENTING????!!!!



  2. I like your point... is Exora still the best choice?

  3. I bought one so of course still the best choice. :-)